Everything you need to know about Elden Ring and why it will be the Ultimate Souls

FromSoftware had a turning point, going from creating games based on the famous Gundam robots, to creating a whole genre from scratch. In part its success is thanks to Hidetaka Miyazaki, a visionary who thought about developing games with somewhat questionable difficulty and believing that they would work. Well, he was not wrong at all. Although it is true that the first of all was Demon’s Souls, the best known throughout the world is Dark Souls, which has been established as the basis for a long list of games that absorb many concepts from it and serve as the basis for future games. of the study itself; creating new stories and worlds like Bloodborne and later Sekiro.

Possibly the ultimate Souls

For the next year 2022, Elden Ring will be launched, a culmination of Miyazaki’s great gifts, but which also has the imaginative mind of George RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones. George has been in charge of creating the entire background of the Midlands, the ancestors and cultures of our protagonists, the events that occurred up to the moment of our arrival; practically everything. Although it is true that Elden Ring told us the story in a much more fluid and clear way, it will not be Martin himself who created the dialogues; but FromSoftware.

Elden Ring takes a giant step forward in the Souls saga

The Midlands and their world

Many nickname it Dark Souls 4, but that is to be something uneducated or very pessimistic. Miyazaki is putting all the meat on the grill with the long awaited Elden Ring, which yes, it takes certain features from Dark Souls and adapts them by taking them to a new level; but many others are completely new and without resemblance to it. The kingdom of The Midlands will be a wide and open world, where we can follow the main story or let ourselves be carried away by our instincts. On the map we can find several world bosses, secret areas, fragments of stories, dungeons, etc. And this is where we begin to notice the main differences. During the last transmission of FromSoftware they have shown a gameplay of more than 15 minutes in length, where only with a slight glance we could observe the immensity of their world with a cycle of day and night. This is something that we see from different parts of the world and from the interface map; It will also help us to orient ourselves in the main mission, it will be very useful for brands in farming areas and to always have them there. But if this doesn’t seem like a big enough difference to your world, it is alive. Let’s go where we go we will see creatures and NPCs full of life. Once again we can see it in his latest trailer.

If you have played Bloodborne you will know that in addition to its “main world” -separated by rooms-, it is made up of several dungeons. This will be improved and implemented more naturally than in the Sony exclusive. We can differentiate them into two groups, large and small, both will give us better equipment and objects of great value. Eye! Always adapting to our character level. These will not be limited by level, but there will be some dungeons that will require you to have special items or equipment to enter. Also referring to them, if we return to some statements made by Yasuhiro Kitao, one of the game’s producers, finding them will not be a great difficulty.

Players are likely to miss out on a few small dungeons in The Lands Between, especially during exploration. But don’t worry, we’ve also implemented a few ways to help you find these dungeons. You can, for example, find a structure called the Watchtower that will give you a clearer view of your surroundings. You can zoom in with this structure, finding dungeons that will be automatically marked on your map.

All this is very good, but what makes me most excited is taking walks with my horse, what better than a nice horse ride while they chase you to try to finish you off? I will answer it for you, nothing.

The combat of Bloodborne, Sekiro and something else

This was a total unknown until the gameplay reveal, but we already know for sure that it took several mechanics from the aforementioned Bloodborne, Sekiro and Dark Souls, making an adaptation to the required level. We also know that it will have RPG touches, therefore, we will not have a fixed equipment and we will be able to change and improve it as we progress. As seen recently we will have a great variety of weapons and armor. And really little else we know about their combat.

In this section I am going to comment on the new bosses designs and their skill set. At least, as seen so far, we have some exceptional designs again. Some, if you are fans of From games. They will be similar to you, but for the most part they are completely new.

A multiplayer inherited from Dark Souls

Elden Ring multiplayer is an old acquaintance in the Souls saga. However, as in almost every aspect of the title, we take a step forward. We can invoke up to 4 players in the Midlands, but it is unknown if they can help us in dungeons or more closed areas; as it was said that multiplayer and spirit summons could only be performed in specific areas. On the other hand, the PVP seems that it will remain without much news.

Mention that the classic messages on the ground -which on more than one occasion have caused our death- on this occasion will be closed, that is, we can choose to see messages from everyone, or those of a specific group. If you wonder how to configure this, it is very easy. From the configuration we will create a “clan” or community and select it as the default to see only the messages that they put.

This is Elden Ring

It is undeniable that Elden Ring is not a graphic marvel like Forza Horizon 5 is, but its playability aims to be exquisite. I have to admit that after seeing his latest gameplay I was expecting more news, but even so, after seeing his character design, bosses and of course, the Middle Lands; has left me dazzled. A game is not all graphics, it can be an important factor, I do not deny it, but in this case it is not like that. If I have to highlight what I like the most of what I have seen so far, I prefer the open and living world, the mixture of genres in its combat and weapons and the possibility of following our path without having to stick to a closed story.

Elden Ring will be launched next February 25, 2022 para Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 y PC.