Evidence of a Collector’s Edition with a smartwatch surfaced

Starfield is the next big role-playing game from Bethesda, but what exactly awaits players in this sci-fi adventure is only gradually being revealed. With a planned release in late 2022, Game Director Todd Howard is unlikely to come out with the next big Starfield announcement until summer of this year. But that didn’t stop fans from searching for information on their own. This is how the first indications of a still unannounced Starfield Collector’s Edition were found.

For example, in June 2021, Bethesda delivered the making-of video “Into the Starfield”. It shows a box being opened about 25 seconds before the end of the clip to reveal a clock and a Starfield emblem. Apparently, a genuine instruction manual was found for this watch on the Starfield subreddit (via VGC). The watch appears to have been designed by British prop company ‘The Wand Company’ and has been dubbed the ‘LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch’. According to the instructions, this is an Android device that can connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Watch features mentioned in the manual include a barometer, weather information, sunrise, sunset, and moon phase information.

The Wand Company specializes in creating working gadgets that look like props from movies, TV shows and games. The company had its first success with the “Kymera Magic Wand,” a TV remote control in the shape of a magic wand that works with motion sensors. The prop company has also worked with Bethesda in the past, for example to release miniature models of Fallout vehicles. Among them was the “Fusion Flea” and a Nuka-Cola delivery truck. Accordingly, fans are assuming that the smartwatch will be part of a Starfield collector’s edition, which will likely be revealed shortly before the game’s release.