Ex-Bioware developers announce survival and rebuilding in a Victorian horror world

One of the surprising trailer announcements at the Game Awards 2021 was Nightingale. The atmospheric clip, which showed pre-alpha scenes from the game engine, gave the impression of a surreal Victorian world in which one fights for survival together with others.

A look at the official website confirms these assumptions. There Nightingale is described as a “Shared World Survival Crafting Game” in a completely new fantasy universe. You can try to fight for survival both solo and with other players while you explore the open game world connected by portals.

There should be varied scenes in which you not only fight against imposing and imaginatively designed monsters from an ego point of view. As part of the extensive craft system, you can not only produce tools and weapons, but also build buildings, farms and entire villages to withstand the threat.

Nightingale is developed by Inflexion Games. The studio was founded in 2018 by a group of ex-bioware developers who were involved in titles such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

An early access release on the PC is currently planned for 2022. Console versions are currently not planned.

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