Fable, Microsoft finally admits: it was a mistake to close Lionhead Studios

Closing Lionhead Studios was a mistake: Microsoft finally admitted several years after what happened to the team of authors of Fable, through some executives from the Redmond house.

The closure of Lionhead Studios in 2016 was therefore a misstep, said Shannon Loftis, General Manager of Global Games Publishing at the time. “We released the first Fable and it was a success, but people still wanted some and that’s why we bought Lionhead.”

“However, Kinect came after Fable 2 and the marriage between the series and the device never really happened,” Loftis continued. “Then there was Fable: The Journey, a project that was driven by the passion of so many people, but which in my opinion significantly deviated from the elements that made the original episodes so popular.”

“We acquired Lionhead in 2006 and closed it in 2016,” said Sarah Bond, head of Xbox’s Game Creator Experiences and Ecosystem. “A few years later, we stopped to reflect on this experience: what did we learn and how not to repeat the same mistakes?”

Phil Spencer actually answered the question, saying, “When you buy a studio based on what they do best, your job is to help them accelerate the way they do it, not make it your own. To help him.”