Facebook down: Zuckerberg loses $6 billion and falls behind Bill Gates, servers reset manually

Facebook has been down for a few hours: an unprecedented situation that apparently caused the platform’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg, to lose something like $6 billion. No, you’re not on Playstation Network, this really happens with WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram servers do not work since today at around 1 pm and it seems that the solution is not yet at hand. The company even appears to have sent a team to California to manually restart machines.

As mentioned, the situation generated a loss of $6 billion for Zuckerberg, whose personal assets dropped to $121.6 billion, putting him behind Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and Windows, on Bloomberg’s Billionaires Ranking.

For the owner of Facebook, however, this is one more problem of several that have been dragging on for a few weeks, and which yesterday reached its peak with the revelations of the former employee about the secrets of the algorithm and the disinformation of the social network. We hope that everything comes back as soon as possible.

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