Fallout 76 recovered development costs, although it took a while

According to insider Timbur222, Fallout 76 it would have already recouped its development costs and would currently be profitable for Bethesda and therefore Microsoft (it must be said that it was released long before the acquisition). He was briefed by a former Bethesda Austin developer who worked on the game’s development.

Of course, the launch events didn’t make Fallout 76 an explosive success, and the break-even came after a while, but at least it happened. However, Bethesda’s effort to recover the game, always updating it with new content and believing in it even when the situation seemed hopeless, is to be commended. This is one of those cases where the view of the public has been practically overthrown, thanks to the hard work of the publisher.

It’s not the first case of its kind for the video game world: who doesn’t remember how many put a tombstone in Final Fantasy XIV after seeing the first version? It is now the most loved MMORPG in the world, as well as the most played.