Fan wins personalized Xbox Series X of R$ 23,000, but can’t get it back in time

We’ve seen many Xbox Series X and Series S custom bundles being offered by Microsoft over the past year, either via Twitter or as part of Microsoft Rewards. While many have questioned whether anyone really beats them, it’s been proven that they do — although one hapless Xbox fan found this the hard way.

Leading up to Reddit recently, the person in question (we’ll keep him anonymous as he’s included his email in the attached photo) mentioned that he won the recent Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X custom package, which included a series under the Far Cry X brand. and controller, a digital copy of the Far Cry 6 , a Samsung NEO QLED TV and more, with an approximate value of US$ 4,288.98 (about 23 thousand reais!). Unfortunately, they never saw or replied to emails. follow-up:

“Thank you for entering a Microsoft Rewards giveaway. Pending official confirmation, you’ve been selected as the winner of a Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X custom package. Approximate retail value (ARV) or prize: $4,288.98.”

“Please confirm your full name, mailing address, phone number and age, and we will send you a potential winning package for completion. we need you to answer until Friday, October 22, 2021, or your prize will no longer be available. “

Based on the responses of other MS Rewards winners, it is suggested that if you receive an email from the “IC Promos” company about winning a contest, you may need to send it back a few times before a representative from Microsoft finally gets in touch to sort their awards, and the whole process can be a bit confusing and “time-consuming”.

Here’s what one person said about the process of winning an Xbox One S a few years ago:

“The email was sent from a promotions company, not Microsoft directly. It looked like a basic model and, honestly, kind of incomplete. I Googled to review the promotions company and emailed my information.

A month goes by without a word and they send me a new email saying I need to submit my information in 2 days or my prize will be forfeited. Once again sketched. I emailed him back saying I’ve already done it and sent the previous email as proof. The next day, I get an email from a real Microsoft representative (good thing, not everything was a scam). “

Unfortunately for Redditer who lost no bundle Xbox Series X do Far Cry 6, it looks like there’s no way to claim that award right now – especially as the Microsoft Rewards website suggests “Greg E.” from Oklahoma City ended up making it.

Of course this could have happened to any of us (we probably wouldn’t have noticed either!), so if the person in question is reading this, try not to feel so bad… you’re not the first to do this, and you it won’t be the last either!

Have you earned anything through Microsoft Rewards before? How did the process work for you? Tell us below.