Far Cry 6: performance test compares Xbox Series X and PS5 versions

VG Tech performed a performance test for Far Cry 6 on Xbox Series X and PS5. The test also evaluates the Xbox Series S, comparing the three consoles, although the HD texture pack was only installed on Xbox Series X and PS5. In addition, the tested versions were 1.1.0 of the game for all consoles. Far Cry 6 runs on Xbox Series X with rdynamic resolution of 4K. This is also the case for the PS5 version.

The difference between the two is reduced to variation in resolution. O Xbox Series X can maintain a higher resolution than the PS5. The visual difference isn’t that big, apart from the resolution boost on Xbox Series X. You’ll get the best experience no matter which platform you choose.

As for the real difference of Far Cry 6 on Xbox Series X and PS5, you can get a drop in resolution for 1656p no PS5, while in the Xbox Series X is hair less 1728p. Both platforms run it at 60 FPS and the frame rate is pretty solid without any big difference separating them. The performance of the game in Xbox Series S is also noteworthy, as the game runs at a dynamic resolution of 1440p with a 1080p limit on the lower end.

It’s the most consistent game on current-gen consoles, with an almost fixed 60 FPS speed, according to the VG Tech video. Because of the resolution, at least in version 1.1.0, the Xbox Series X version is the best among consoles. However, all three run the game with dignity.