Final Fantasy 16: Corona pandemic sets back developments

Actually, Square Enix had announced some revelations around the role-playing game Final Fantasy 16 for the end of this year. But the fans have to be patient longer. The Japanese publisher and developer announced this in a status update on the official website.

As can be seen from this, the ongoing corona pandemic and the associated restrictions are primarily responsible for the delay. The wording states, among other things: “In order to make our contribution to combating the pandemic, a large part of this team is now working from home – both with us and with our international partners. However, this has led to communication difficulties, which in turn results in late orders and, accordingly, delayed or even canceled deliveries pulled. ”

According to further information from Square Enix, the development of Final Fantasy 16 was set back by about half a year due to the corona problems. Therefore, the unveiling announced for the end of 2021 will have to be postponed. This is now planned for spring 2022, when there should finally be new material from the role-playing game. Square Enix may also provide more specific information on the release date at this reveal.

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