Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox: ongoing discussions between Square Enix and Microsoft

It was believed that the question of Final Fantasy XIV had already been resolved. But hopes of seeing the game make it to Xbox don’t seem to be buried, however, if we believe Naoki Yoshida’s last words.

The aka Yoshi-P recently gave an interview during the promotion of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the next big content in the game that will be released in November. This is where the Xbox was mentioned.

When we ask Naoki Yoshida if he has any new information to share about an Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV, he says he’s a little embarrassed to repeat the same thing every time, before specifying that discussions are still ongoing with Microsoft on the matter. he adds that the conversation is very positive and that doesn’t mean there isn’t an Xbox version of the game.

After getting in touch with the question once again, Yoshi-P nevertheless wishes he had answers to bring “soon” to players, but says he can’t share anything today.

Na verdade, Naoki Yoshida been saying this for at least three years. We don’t know why these discussions were unsuccessful, but we do know that, at the time, he wanted Final Fantasy XIV servers to be common across all platforms. When we look at the efforts Xbox is making to bring Japanese games to its platform, we doubt that Phil Spencer can slow the process down.