First highlights of Year 6 Season 4 revealed, including a new operator and a rework of Outback

Publisher Ubisoft has an outlook on the fourth and thus also last season in year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege (from 15,99€ at buy) given. Fans of the tactical multiplayer shooter can look forward to a multitude of innovations in “High Caliber”. Among them is, for example, operator Thorn from Ireland.

Ubisoft describes the new defender for Rainbow Six Siege as follows: „[Thorn] is equipped with the Razorbloom grenades: Throwable gadgets with proximity alarms that explode after a short time when triggered. If the enemies inside do not leave the effective radius in time, they will be damaged by the explosion. Thorn is a medium speed and armor operator who can use either the new UZK50Gi or the M870 as a primary weapon and the 1911 TACOPS or the C75-AUTO as a secondary weapon. “

In addition, Ubisoft is currently working on a revision of Outback. Here, for example, the main building and the outdoor area were adapted in order to be able to offer attackers more strategies. The test server with the content from High Caliber will go live on Tuesday. There is no exact date for Season 4 yet – the release should take place soon. Below is a list of other new features in High Caliber:

  • the choice of team colors between blue, orange and red
  • Balancing updates (Finka, Echo and Mozzie’s drones, new bulletproof cameras, new rules for cameras that are placed outdoors)
  • new customization options for the operator cards, victory poses, colors and more
  • new user interface
  • Soft launch of the new streamer mode for certain streamers during the season

Rainbow Six Siege is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. You can find our test here. Last updated video: High Caliber Gameplay and Tips