First trailer for the comeback of the real-time strategy game

Publisher 1C Entertainment has announced that Men of War 2 will soon be the return of the real-time strategy game series. Part 1 was released over twelve years ago. As in the past, the Best Way team will be responsible for developing the successor. It is planned to be released for the PC in 2022. In line with the announcement, a first trailer for Men of War 2 was also presented.

On the product page on Steam, the creators have already revealed some details about Men of War 2. The game will be set in World War II and will bring numerous gameplay improvements. This includes optimized AI and an upgrade for direct control, with which individual units in the field can be controlled at any time. In multiplayer, players can look forward to PvP duels and co-op game modes. But a single player campaign is also planned.

In the description it says: “Experience an epic story with two main campaigns – Allies and Soviets – against the military machinery of the Third Reich. You accompany war heroes and their comrades from the first desperate and brutal battles of the Second World War to major victories on the way to Berlin on their march through the snow-covered Soviet hills and villages, the European fields and the ruins of the destroyed cities. “