Football Manager 2022 is now downloadable via Xbox Game Pass

Football Manager 2022 is now available for digital pre-purchase and pre-download from the Xbox Store. So, whether you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber or interested in purchasing it, you can from now on download this game that is enjoyed by many.

Bundesliga budding coaches and virtual tactics experts now have the opportunity to pre-order Football Manager 2022 at a price of $39.99 from the Xbox Store and download it in advance. Remember that for some reason this game not available in Brazil, but the Game Pass is possible for you to play!

Sega Football Manager 2022 enhances the gameplay of its popular predecessor with some new features, updates and licenses that reproduce the battle for football’s most important trophies even more authentically.

Among other things, a new animation engine, a variety of AI improvements, data hub extensions, an improved Transfer Deadline Day experience, as well as better interaction and communication options between managers, instructors and employees are new .

Football Manger 2022 will be available on November 9th. You can download it using the Xbox app for Android and iOS smartphones. To play the game you will need to change your console region to download the game and be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. It will not be possible to buy it as it is not available for Brazilians.