Former Firaxis Developers Form New Studio; turn-based strategy games in focus

A new development studio specializing in the production of turn-based strategy games has opened in the US state of Maryland. Veterans from Firaxis Games (known for series like XCOM or Civilization) definitely have the necessary experience. The studio will be named ‘Bit Reactor’ and will be led by co-founder and CEO Greg Foertsch. He himself was involved in various projects at Firaxis for almost 22 years.

In an interview with, Foertsch talked about the great ambitions of the team when the studio was founded. The goal is therefore to one day win an award for the game of the year. You want to compete with the big names in the industry and achieve similar success as XCOM did in 2012. According to the CEO, several projects are already in production at Bit Reactor. Details about the games have not yet been revealed.