Forza Horizon 5: easily unlock the achievement “Dusty Lens”

Forza Horizon 5 was released this week and has been a hit with over seven million players, and it was Xbox Game Studio’s best-launched game so far. Because of this, we at Windows Club are going to share some tips for you to enjoy this wonderful experience.

In Forza Horizon 5’s list of achievements, there is one that is quite hard to get. It’s about the perfect occasion. A dust on the goal that requires very particular conditions to get it. Here is a very simple trick to unlock this achievement. in less than a minute!

How to unlock the “Dusty Lens” achievement in Forza Horizon 5

This special achievement requires taking a photo at a specific location on the map during a sandstorm. In other words, meeting these two conditions is not easy, that’s why a custom event was created!

  • Achievement name: Lente empeirada
  • Description of achievement: Take a picture of the Gran Telescopio and a sandstorm

Steps to unlock the achievement:

  1. go to game menu
  2. Go to the Creative Center interface tab
  3. Choose EventLab
  4. Choose My Events
  5. Press the button on the remote to start a search
  6. Choose “Code to share”
  7. Enter 514524330
  8. Start the Dust on Lens Challenge
  9. When the test starts, you should follow the blue line that represents the path to take to the telescope. Just before the finish line, stop for take a picture of your car in front of the telescope. Start photo mode and press the A button on the remote.

Forza Horizon 5’s “Dusty Lens” achievement is unlocked with an addition of 10G to your Gamerscore. Don’t forget to follow Windows Club on social networks so you don’t miss any tips.