Forza Horizon 5: Phil Spencer elogiou a Playground Games

Phil Spencer, Xbox division leader.

Phil Spencer praised Playground Games for its formidable result and the great reception of the Forza Horizon 5. The head of the Xbox division of Microsoft used Twitter alone to get his message across, sharing that the game is amazing and congratulating the entire team.

Spencer: “Great work from Playground Games on another awesome Forza Horizon game. Congratulations team.”

It’s worth noting that the message is contained in the sharing of a video from Digital Foundry, which praises the Forza Horizon 5 for its technical quality, graphically setting it as beautiful as needed for the next-gen console. The graphics are being like something out of the ordinary on a level never seen before.

The tradition of well-received Playground Games games has been maintained and for many it was no surprise to be so highly rated and become the new 2021 game with the highest score. You should expect a fun arcade racing game, with rich multiplayer, a superb amount of content and a technical component above the standard.

While we talk about notes and technical details we are really looking forward to players being able to lay their hands and leave their opinions. However, being a Playground Games title, it is for sure joy.