Forza Horizon 5 reaches the Gold stage, so it will be released without delay on Xbox and PC

Forza Horizon 5 has entered its Gold phase, which means that everything is ready and the game will be released without delay for Xbox and PC on the day 9 of November. It will also be available from day one on the Xbox Game Pass. The news is extremely good!

Communications manager Alan Walsh’s announcement came in conjunction with the Forza Horizon 5 radio presentation, which took place during the final episode of the Let’s Go livestream series.

The press tested Forza Horizon 5 a few days ago, and were faced with a stunning visual experience, fun and a phenomenal soundtrack. Expect more great work from Playground Games.

Set in Mexico, the latest title in the Microsoft racing series will provide us with hundreds of cars and an extremely complete career mode, full of things to see and do.

Dynamic weather will literally transform scenarios, catapulting us into very different situations depending on the area of ​​the map we are in, which will also affect our vehicle’s behavior.