Four Xbox Game Studios games were awarded “GOTY” by various press sites in 2021

There are several sites or events to award games and although one of the best known is The Game Awards, long before it came out the term “GOTY” as “Game of the Year” already existed and was attributed by several members of the national and international press.

This time, we’ll look at the top four Xbox Game Studios releases for 2021, plus Age of Empires IV. Well, we had four titles that received the GOTY award, or better to say, “Game of the Year” and that were created by Microsoft studios. Below, check it out.

Forza Horizon 5 is IGN’s GOTY

Playground Games’ Mexican open world racing game took the top prize from IGN. Furthermore, this was the only game from 2021 that smoothly surpassed the 90+ goal in Metacrict. It is the highest rated and also broke sales and user records. It was a great release! Without a doubt deserves to be honored!

Deathloop is Gamespot’s GOTY

Despite being bizarrely a Playstation exclusive because of contracts prior to the Bethesda acquisition, the Arkane Studios game was widely acclaimed by the press and gamers alike. Next year they will come to Xbox possibly directly on the Game Pass. But before that we should see the Xbox exclusive Redfall, from the same studio and we hope it has the same luck.

Halo Infinite is GameInformer’s GOTY

Here we have the big turnaround of the year and while many were betting that Halo would have the same ending as Cyberpunk 2077, luckily this was not the case. 343 Industries redeemed themselves with fans and released a great game that is being widely praised by the media and fans. Also, it is one of the most popular multiplayer games on Xbox and PC.

Psychonauts2 é o GOTY da Titanium Awards no Fun & Serious Game Festival

As already mentioned here, Raz’s adventure works the psychological problems of the human mind in a light and responsible way, few can do that in such an addictive and interesting game. Double Fine certainly deserves to be awarded for this game that is also my personal GOTY.

Without a doubt it was a great year for Microsoft and it’s good to see that their games are being recognized by more and more audiences both! All are recommended experiences and that made this year-end really exciting.

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