Generation Z reacts to the original Xbox and is as baffling as you’d expect

Halloween may be over, but Xbox has released the scariest video of 2021. A new reaction video shows Generation Z bumping into an original Xbox for the first time, while the millennials sit and watch in horror.

In what we can only describe as ten minutes of pure hell, seeing the younger generation interact with the console and describing it as “retro” will never fail to make us feel old. You’ll see them trying to run a standard television, trying to figure out where the disc is going and, of course, reacting to the classic Duke controller. A user comes to believe that that’s where the games go…

This is all part of the continuous Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebrations, as he looks back over the last two decades of the console. The video isn’t all bad, there are some poignant moments as players share their nostalgic stories related to their gaming experiences.

You can check out the video below:

It also discusses the mental health benefits of games, which is great to hear. In a world where we are constantly hearing that games are bad for us, it’s refreshing to hear the perspective that games can be good actually.

What’s your reaction to Generation Z’s reaction to the original Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.