Geoff Keighley anticipates a World Premiere for The Game Awards, which he has been working on for two and a half years

We’re just over a week away from the last major video game event we’ll see in 2021. The Game Awards is much more than an awards ceremony where we’ll see what the game is. GOTY, and is traditionally the setting for a good number of “World Premiere“, that is, totally new games.

The event, which will be presented as usual by Geoff Keighley, seems to introduce us somehow more than 40 games, most of them being premieres as I said before. In fact, Keighley himself anticipated that he has been working with a developer on one of these World Premiere for more than 2 years.

From this point, we can only dream. According to him, he explains in response to his own tweet, although it may seem like a long time, the truth is that the last time he was able to visit studios to see what they were working on was in the summer (our winter) of 2019, and that’s because COVID 19 has made any kind of problem difficult, from an event that concentrates many people in a closed space (not to mention trips to other countries).

We don’t know which game will be in question, but what is clear is that these The Game Awards paint a must-see event if you like games. We’ll be watching what Microsoft will announce there, we believe that at least some new trailer of a long-awaited title will appear there.