God of War arrives on PC and Cory Barlog celebrates: “I’m a bit like Kojima

God of War, 2018

As all gamers already know, on January 14, 2022, God of War will come to PC and thus break its exclusivity with the Playstation that lasted for decades. Cory Barlog, no Twitter, celebrated the news and claimed to be “a little Kojima”.

As you can see in the tweet below, Barlog reported a tweet from 2019 stating that he would love to be able to port God of War to PC. “Unfortunately, this is a decision far above my level. As it turns out every day, I’m not Kojima”, referring to the fact that Death Stranding also arrives for both PC and PS4.

Barlog, now that God of War is coming to PC, feels he can say, “Huh. Does it look like I’m a bit like Kojima after all? It only took a few years.” Obviously, this is a joke, a funny way to celebrate the game’s arrival on a new platform, but it shows how the company’s protagonists and, above all, the creative directors behind these games, are nothing more than happy with the idea that more people can play and having fun with their work, which took years and years of work.

The most interesting thing is that everything is being seen as something very positive, but when Microsoft started doing this a few years ago there was highly disconcerting “news” for the Xbox…. Go figure.