God of War: Video compares the game on PS5 and PC with Ultra settings

God of War, 2018

GameSpot has released a video that directly compares God of War on PC with its Ultra settings and its console counterpart, to be more precise on PS5 with the next-gen update installed by Santa Monica last February.

According to GameSpot’s impressions, the PC version compared to the PS5 version”offers small but subtle improvements with higher texture quality and dynamic fog”. However, the biggest difference is “in the shadows, which can significantly alter some scenes”. GameSpot also points out that the differences in color tone you may notice in the video are due to the way these games were captured on different devices and is not indicative of any real difference between the two versions.

You can check below:

We remind you that the PC version of God of War will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store starting Friday, January 14, 2022.