Google was in talks with Bungie and Capcom to sell Stadia technology, rumor points out

Google Stadia is no longer a priority project, in fact its technology would have been renamed internally as Google Stream and the company put it up for sale, according to what Business Insider reported.

As you may remember, exactly one year ago, the Google Stadia closed its studios first-party e canceled the exclusives, an action that made us wonder what the future of their game streaming service would be like, which never took off.

Well, according to Business Insider, the project would now have been watered down and Google would have tried to sell it to Bungie, who under the terms of the negotiation would own the content and control the experience.

After that, there was the acquisition of Bungie by Sony and the plans were blown, but it seems that the Google also discussed with Capcom and maybe other companies.

Currently, Google employees and former employees report, the consumer component of Stadia is only considered at 20%, and so almost all of the company’s focus is on reusing its technology.

Apparently, at the end of 2020 the platform failed to reach the goal of one million active users per month, losing that number by about 25% and suffering mainly from the inability to retain subscribers.