GOTY Honorífico: Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life

We are finishing 2021, a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic but which will be remembered as one of the best in video games. Not surprisingly, we have seen the explosion of next-generation consoles and the arrival of the first great titles, such as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, GOTYS from a large part of the community.

In addition, we have also seen various releases that have excited locals and strangers, such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Tales of Arise, Outriders or The Gunk. And of course it has been the year in which Xbox Game Pass has once again punched the table. But today I come to talk about none of them or Microsoft’s star service, if not the one that deserves great recognition for me, even if it is not a launch per se this year.

Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, recognition of the good work of Rare

Yes, as you can guess it is Sea of ​​Thieves (often spoiler the headline, eh?) And more specifically its expansion A Pirate’s Life, which has been released this year. A totally free expansion that adds new stories of history to the Rare game where the worlds of Sea of ​​Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean intersect. A collaboration carried out in a masterful way, with a good storyline and the incorporation of numerous new elements, such as new types of chests or enemies.

A full-blown expansion that has given the Rare title a new vitality, expanding the options of its vast world and giving players even more arguments to jump into the sea. Among this we cannot fail to highlight the inclusion of the Seasons. These last around two months and apart from adding a new season pass each (where the vast majority of rewards are obtained for free just for playing) new options and mechanics are added to the game.

Yes, it is not only about adding new cosmetics, dances or skins for each of our weapons, but the development team seeks to innovate in each of the seasons. It is true that there may be seasons that include fewer proposals or less aggressive changes, such as the current one (which is now the fifth), which only adds small new mechanics, such as being able to sit at a table, a new type of boat with a cannon or the option to bury fears and create maps for other players.

However, there are other seasons, such as the fourth, that add new challenges, such as the mermaid and ocean wrecks, challenges equal to the best pirates and that grant great rewards. That is, they not only implement mechanics, but they continue to give life and options to every corner of the Sea of ​​Thieves map, allowing us to live authentic adventures full of iconic and crazy moments. And I know what I’m talking about, because since the launch of Pirate’s Life I have returned to the game more eager than ever. Every Wednesday I jump into the sea on my Twitch channel, not knowing where the wind will take me, but keeping in mind that I will live a great adventure. And it is something that is always fulfilled.

For all this, I think that although it is further from the typical talk and run run of the networks, Sea of ​​Thieves A Pirate’s Life deserves an Honorary GOTY, a special mention or call it what you want. But if you have to recognize the good work of Rare with this expansion, its constant work and dedication in a game that always allows you to live good times. And why not, it allows us to dream of future collaborations. Do you remember that a few months ago we told you that Captain Hook’s design had been leaked into the game? Now look me in the eye and tell me it wouldn’t be amazing to face him or the crocodile in the game.