Grab Turtle Rock Studios (Back 4 Blood)

The Chinese mega-corporation Tencent has struck again in the gaming sector. According to a report by the industry magazine Businesswire, the company and Turtle Rock Studios have captured the developers of the multiplayer shooter Back 4 Blood.

However, this is not a direct takeover of the studio. Rather, Tencent has bought its parent company Slamfire Inc. – which ultimately comes down to almost the same situation. How much money went into this deal has not yet been determined. According to the latest information, however, the takeover should not affect the further developments of Back 4 Blood. It is also planned that the Turtle Rock Studios will continue to operate under the previous leadership in the people of Chris Ashton and Phil Robb. In addition, no personnel changes are currently planned for the team.

Steve Goldstein, President of Turtle Rock Studios, is delighted with the takeover: “We are all excited to join Tencent’s family of studios. Tencent’s great partners, their global reach, and in-depth gaming knowledge and unparalleled support will help us create the ambitious games we are we dream. At the same time we are allowed to maintain our autonomy and our independent mind. “

The future will have to show how the acquisition will affect future projects from Turtle Rock Studios. In the past, Tencent has had complete takeovers, majority and minority stakes in development teams such as Stunlock Studios, Riot Games, Funcom, Digital Extremes, Sumo Digital, Bloober Team, Yager Development, Klei Entertainment or Grinding Gear Games, but also in general in Germany invested.