Grave in a flying coffin

Studio IGGYMOB and Prime Matter have released a trailer for Gungrave GORE and confirmed that the action game will be out next year. Implementations for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and PC are planned.

Prime Matter: “Is it a bird? … Is it an airplane? … No, it’s Grave in a flying coffin! The creak-wielding, hard-hitting anti-hero Grave lands in a somewhat unorthodox way in the ‘Land of Scum’. Quite He respectfully introduces himself to a gang of local thugs and turns their heads in the process – and that is to be taken literally. ”

“Gungrave GORE is a stylish third-person action shooter from the South Korean studio IGGYMOB in which you take on the role of Graves, a gunslinger of the resurrection and tough anti-hero who rivets tons of villains in a bloody ballet ballet. As real Continued, Gungrave GORE is the ultimate resurrection of the Gungrave franchise for veteran revolver men and women and Gungrave fans, but also a glorious standalone story experience for a new generation of gamers and consoles. “

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