Grounded’s ‘Into the Wood’ Update Arrives With New Areas, Creatures, and More

The survival game genre has exploded in popularity in recent years, with many fantastic options crowding the competitive genre. One of the most interesting additions to the space is the Grounded, a passion project by a small team of talented developers at Obsidian Entertainment, under the umbrella of Xbox Game Studios. On Tuesday, the Grounded team released the latest content update for their early access survival title; the update Grounded 0.12.0 “Into the Wood” which is now available.

Grounded is a unique take on the classic survival game genre, where players are reduced to the size of insects and thrown into a suburban backyard teeming with life. You and up to three other players are tasked with surviving this suddenly hostile environment, which evolves over time as Obsidian adds it. The “Into the Wood” update now released to players includes a huge pile of content for players to explore.

Update highlights include Grounded’s first expansion to the misteriosa área “Upper Yard”, which includes three new explorable environments, such as the suffocating BBQ Spill. There are also 11 new creatures that players can interact with, including adorable ladybugs, or the terrifying infected wolf spider variant. With new crafting recipes, quality of life improvements, dungeons (this time occupied by termites), new gameplay options, and more, this update is packed with big changes to the tiny world of Grounded.

Grounded’s 0.12.0 “Into the Wood” update is rolling out everywhere Grounded is available, including Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. On Xbox Series X, the update arrives with approximately 3,64 GB, although other platforms may vary slightly.

Grounded is still in early access, which means that not yet completed, but it’s already among the best Xbox games for fans of the survival genre. If you haven’t tried Grounded yet, it’s also available on Xbox Game Pass as well as PC Game Pass.

The full changelog for Grounded’s “Into the Wood” 0.12.0 content update can be found on the Obsidian website.