GTA 6: possible year of release, according to insider

Insider Tez2, known for providing information about Rockstar Games and its games, hinted at what the release year of GTA6 could be: 2023. In reality, his message was more cryptic. According to him, 2022 will be the year that Rockstar Games will present its new game, which will however be released the following year.

Now, Tez2 does not directly name GTA 6, but it is currently the only project that will surely be developed. Someone speculated that it could also be Bully 2, even if the title’s uncertain fate and the project’s tempestuous past made attribution of indiscretion more complicated.

A new Red Dead Redemption is highly unlikely, as the second title in the series was released in 2018. It could also be some remastered edition of the company’s old games, but the hope is that it’s something new.

Of course, Rockstar Games has not commented on the rumor, so take it all with due consideration. caution, because it is a unconfirmed information. Of course, it would be time for a new Grand Theft Auto to be released, seeing as the fifth chapter has been on the market for nearly a decade now. It must be said that as long as he continues to grind millions of dollars every year, between sales and microtransactions, Rockstar certainly won’t be in a hurry to send him into retirement. Who knows how many years he will continue to milk you.