GTFO: Cooperative Horror Shooter Surprisingly Released

As part of this year’s edition of The Game Awards, the development studio 10 Chambers published the release version of the horror co-op shooter GTFO as a complete surprise. There were already signs that the work was well advanced, but this step was probably very unexpected for most fans.

This also means the end of a long early access phase. The release version of GTFO not only offers some new content, but also numerous bug fixes, optimizations and minor changes, most of which are based on feedback from fans. Of course, nothing has changed in the story: Everything still revolves around a group of prison inmates who are sent to an underground complex for extremely dangerous expeditions. There the group has to search through narrow and gloomy corridors and grapple with hordes of monsters that are reminiscent of zombies. Without good teamwork and nerves as hard as steel, little works – the level of difficulty is steep.

Incidentally, there is not only a fresh trailer, which you can find below, to coincide with the launch, but also a discount campaign on Steam. There you currently save 25 percent when buying GTFO, which is certainly an additional incentive. However, you shouldn’t wait too long, because this only applies until December 16, 2021.

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