Hackers claim to have cracked the Sony console

For many years, hackers all over the world have been trying to get the PlayStation 4 (from 81,45€ at buy) in the form of a jailbreak. There have already been some partial successes in the past, but only now does one group seem to have achieved the final breakthrough.

At least that is what “Znullptr”, a member of the responsible hacking group, claims. Together with “ChendoChap” and “SpecterDev” he seems to have found the complete jailbreak for the PlayStation 4 kernel. Thus it is in principle possible for you to run illegal software on the Sony console, among other things. Even the current firmware 9.00 of the PS4 should not be safe from this. But that’s not all bad news for Sony: According to the statements of “Znullptr”, the exploit, which serves as the basis for the jailbreak, also affects the kernel of the PlayStation 5. If this is the truth, it would only be a matter of time before until a jailbreak would also be available for the NextGen console.

The fact that this has not yet been published is probably solely due to the fact that the hacking force is also suffering from the current supply problems on the hardware market. In other words: You apparently do not currently have your own PS5 to be able to carry out or finish the corresponding work.