Hades on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Switch in a comparison: where does it work best?

Hades is the protagonist of a new video comparing the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch versions, with the parallel classic that aims to highlight any differences between platforms and detect where you have the best version, even if in this case the undertaking is arduous.

At least based on this video comparison by ElAnalistaDeBits, which doesn’t go into much detail but provides some basic data to get a feel for the situation, Hades has essentially the same performance and resolution across next-gen consoles, namely:

  • PS5: 2160p/60FPS
  • Xbox Series X: 2160p/60FPS
  • Xbox Series S: 2160p/60FPS
  • Nintendo Switch: 720p/60FPS

The resolution seems to be 4K tboth on PS5 and Xbox Series X and also on Series S: not being a particularly graphically demanding game, the resolution in question seems to be maintained without the need for techniques like checkerboard rendering. The only difference in this regard is found on the Nintendo Switch, where the resolution appears to be 720p, but in portability it achieves remarkable image clarity.

Even the performances seem generally stable to 60 fps on all platforms. The only differences seem to concern elements other elements: in the analysis in question, it is detected stuttering on PS5 compared to Xbox, while loads are faster on Xbox Series X|S. That way, even the Xbox Series S can run Hades better than the PS5.

In any case, Hades is the highest Metacritic rated game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and deservedly so, and it’s available on the Xbox Game Pass.