Halo Infinite: 343 Industries already working on improving Battle Pass progression

As we reported yesterday, Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available for both xbox and PC. Its sudden release was surprisingly announced during the celebration event for 20 years of Xbox held on November 15th, which screened a teaser of Paramount+’s Halo series, a documentary and the latest games that have entered the backwards compatibility program.

Infinite’s multiplayer, in turn, and the experience of the public shared on social networks, I can say that it pleases, and that it is really fun, although I can’t deny that if something really bothers you, it’s the Battle Pass progression.

And is precisely that, the progress of the Battle Pass seems very slow, forcing players to play for a few hours to be able to go up 1 single level (this without the premium pass), something that really ends up resulting in a very unnecessary and exhausting effort, to unlock just one or two pieces to customize our gear.

The good thing about it is that 343 Industries is aware of user complaints, as Brian Jarrard comments on his official Twitter account, so the team is taking the opportunity to improve the system through the data obtained in yesterday’s sessions. The community director also encourages anyone who wants to help improve the game, to share any feedback who want to report or any bugs they’d like to report via the official Halo support page.