Halo Infinite: An Early Access Pack and 4 DLCs Coming Soon?

Halo Infinite may have some kind of package of early access and at least 4 DLCs already planned to arrive after launch, at least based on some weird moves recorded in the Xbox store and reported by some dataminers keeping an eye on Microsoft’s digital offering.

In particular, to report these possible news is the Twitter account Lumia Updates, which regularly takes care of reporting these changes detected in the catalog from Microsoft and Xbox Store, generally managing to anticipate releases with some precision. In this case, however, it’s not clear what it could be, because some titles and products that emerge from this datamining may have to do with different builds or updates that don’t exactly relate to launching products on the market.

The first is a mysterious Early Access Digital Bundle, which from the name seems to indicate the possibility of accessing the Halo Infinite before its release scheduled for Dec. 8, 2021. It’s a little-used solution by Microsoft, which typically doesn’t implement genre strategies, also because every Xbox Game Studios game is scheduled to be released on day one directly on the Xbox Game Pass, as well as on the Halo Infinite, but it’s being used by some titles like Forza Horizon 5, for example .

There’s at least one screenshot of this, while for the possible presence of the DLC we just have to rely on a laconic tweet from the account in question, which first reported the fact that Halo Infinite got “three new DLCs over the past few hours “, then corrected with an update that reports only “4”, indicating that this number of supposed DLCs has been detected.

However, we consider everything as mere rumors, because it could be something else. We recently saw the campaign trailer that revealed Halo Infinite’s single player and new campaign footage and in-game enemy renderings.