Halo Infinite: Battle Pass gets new change, here’s what’s new

343 Industries has released a new update for Halo Infinite that features a number of innovations linked to the Battle Pass progression of the shooter’s multiplayer mode. Let’s see what’s new.

First, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass will include less challenges related to specific game modes or activities. There will be new challenges related to the playlist, requests for score accumulation, eliminations or just completing matches and victories.

“There is a lot of work to be done to really respond to player feedback on this mechanic,” explain the developers in the blog post, “and major changes will take time (eg performance-based XP, XP per game, progression vectors, etc.), but in the meantime, the team will continue to seek significant updates on the services side to refine and improve the overall experience. “

343 Industries also wants to make it easy to follow the challenges of the events, although it is always necessary to complete several steps of each event to reach the maximum level with the event pass. New details will be revealed in January 4, 2021.

The development team also recently reported an issue, unresolved by the update, that Quick Resume does not offer multiplayer bonuses if Quick Resume is enabled.

It has to be said that, even with the mistakes, 343 Industries has a good ear to listen to its fan base, and believe me, like them it’s pretty hard to find. They’re working and surely Halo Infinite will look even better for your audience’s taste.