Halo Infinite Battle Pass just got better

One of the greatest strengths of 343 Industries, the studio responsible for the development of Halo Infinite, is that they are always willing to listen to players’ wishes to improve the game itself. After weeks of reaction from the vocal community, 343 announced sweeping changes to Halo Infinite’s controversial Battle Pass. The tweaks, which go live this week, make the much friendlier progression, allowing you to level up easily at least once a day.

Two weeks ago, 343 Industries released free-to-play multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC, ahead of its planned December 8 launch. (The campaign is still scheduled then and is not free to play, but will be included in the game pass library.) The players praised widely Infinite fundamentals, but criticized its free elements, including the battle pass, saying the progression was slow and unrewarding.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass features 100 levels. To progress through the ranks on the battle pass, you’ll need to win daily or weekly challenges – typically of the “make an X out of Y number” type – to gain XP. It takes 1,000 XP to level up, but you don’t get any XP bonus for winning games or playing extremely well.

Critics said that this model did not adequately encourage players to simply … play the game. Or even if it meant that players weren’t entering matches properly, focused on completing challenges rather than helping the fight. 343 Industries quickly responded by renewing the daily challenges to reward 50 exp for every match you see until the end. For that math, if you didn’t complete any other challenges and didn’t use XP boosts (single-use items that double your XP gained for an hour), it would take 20 games to level up once.

The new model speeds up the process significantly. For your first match of the day, you will win 300XP. The second and third will yield 200XP. Matches four to six, 100 exp each. The current structure, which grants you 50 exp per game, comes into play in the seventh game. The cycle restarts every 24 hours. Under this model, you’ll level up once by playing six games and then revert back to the rate of 20 games per level (well, until the next day).

“After seeing how XP was gained from the changes [iniciais], we noticed that players were starting their sessions with slower payouts than we’d like,” wrote Halo community manager John Junyszek on Twitter. “We know that many of you want even bigger changes and we are committed to doing so, but it will take time.”

It’s not clear what other options 343 Industries are considering, whether or not progression based on performance, victory or anything else is on the table. The PR representatives of Microsoft, the publisher of Halo Infinite, had nothing to add immediately. Let’s follow up here on Windows Club when more news arrives!