Halo Infinite: Battle Pass progression will be challenge-based, no XP at launch

Halo Infinite will arrive on December 8th for PC and Xbox, with the campaign mode for single player and free multiplayer mode. The latter will propose a Battle Pass, whose advancement will not be based on XP, but in challenges, at least at launch. Here is what was revealed.

343 Industries Community Manager – John Junyszek – said: “Playing and winning matches in Halo Infinite will be considered a challenge, it will help players progress in Battle Pass. Although this means there is no XP per game at launch, you will still be able to progress through challenges and then through Battle Pass [Passe de Batalha]. “

Some players have been “worried” about this, mainly thinking about the possibility of exhausting the daily challenges and, therefore, not being able to progress when you want. Junszek said that in the recent technical test there was an issue that allowed some players to complete all available challenges but, “even if it’s not infinite, it is extremely difficult to run out of daily challenges. I won’t say impossible, because they are very persistent players there, but I would be very impressed. “

However, there is talk of lack of XP “at launch”, so it is possible that the progression system in Halo Infinite Battle Pass will change over time, possibly based on player feedback. There are those who prefer, for example, to unlock armor by completing daily missions than simply increasing the XP, if you are this, be prepared that it seems that we will have many multiplayer missions.