Halo Infinite: Campaign Trailer Update System and Open World Elements

Halo Infinite is back today with a new Campaign trailer, which showcased different aspects of the game including some specific elements related to the open world and the update system that will feature the evolution of Master Chief in the game.

The Campaign trailer staged today, after beta sessions dedicated to multiplayer, therefore focused on the single player part of Halo Infinite (or cooperative multiplayer, which will only arrive after release) is yet another based on the open world which you’ll have to deal with, whose influences are visible in some elements of the trailer.

The alternation between indoor sessions and outdoor trips is evident, with the huge Zeta Halo as the setting for the Master Chief’s adventures, in search of Cortana and the mysteries hidden inside the huge installation. In addition to the main mission, the open world structure favors various submissions, about which we still don’t know much.

In the video (minute 3:33, for example) there are some installations that look like outposts controlled by Banished, a group that the Master Chief must clash against, which are likely to serve as a base for side missions to be carried out. All of this is reflected in some elements that could almost be defined as RPG in Halo Infinite.

Completing these missions allows the protagonist to progress also through the conquest of the Spartan Core, that is, elements that refer almost to experience points and can be invested for the evolution of the Master Chief it’s the unlocking new upgrades for your character.

In the meantime, from the video shown above, in turn taken from the Campaign trailer, it is possible to see the moment when the use of the upgrade system is briefly illustrated, in this case applied to the improvement of Propellers capable of increasing mobility by Master Chief. As for the rest, remember that the release date for Halo Infinite is set for December 8, 2021.