Halo Infinite: day-night cycle shown in a timelapse video

Halo Infinite will have a full day-night cycle, and one user has seen fit to capture it on video with a timelapse to show just how evocative the effect 343 Industries has achieved.

According to previews about the Halo Infinite campaign, we can certainly confirm that the newest Xbox exclusive game aims to deliver on its promises, also in terms of technical achievement and art direction.

In this case we can observe how the sky changes in an hour, completing the cycle and making the clouds flow, whose shadows are reflected on the ground, while a constant wind gently shakes the trees and the lights change.

Needless to say, the sunset and the sunrisel are the two moments more evocative of recording, but the overall performance looks great and exploring the Halo Infinite scene will probably be a great experience.

We will all be able to do so as soon as the game is available for PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, starting from December 8th and without further delay: Halo Infinite entered the Gold phase.