Halo Infinite Final Hidden Scene Discovery After Coded Message

A hidden scene from Halo Infinite was discovered through datamining, but apparently excluded from the game, for reasons unknown: It should have been displayed throughout the credits, as a kind of suspense, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to exist but in the game, except through a code data collection.

It’s hard to say if it is spoiler or not, since at the moment it is not part of the official history., but it may represent an anticipation, as it shows some characters from the game and therefore indicates your presence at the end of the story, so if you haven’t finished Halo Infinite you’d better watch it later.

In the background, you can hear a morse code that, according to many, simply translates as “UNSC TAKE IT”, which is a UNSC recognition tag that is detected by the system, as well as the system’s voice message that reports the fact that the message source is “friend”, thus clearly not a threat.

The idea is that the video opens the ending of Halo Infinite to welcome a new part of the story and the theories are different: for many, the transmission could come from UNSC Infinity, since the giant spacecraft was hardly totally destroyed. and there is absolutely no one on board, with the idea that the message sender could be Commander Thomas Lasky, but some argue that the source could also be the Spirit of Fire, a ship that is missing after Halo Wars but remains in the game’s tradition as a recurrent element.

Another hypothesis could be some kind of introduction to the cooperative campaign, with the second player being introduced by this mysterious transmission by a “friend”. However, the fact that the scene was canceled raises more questions, with the idea that it can be re-established at a later time or that these ideas about possible additions to the story have been discarded at the time, we will see.