Halo Infinite has triple Battlefield 2042 players on Steam

Last week, multiplayer game lovers were lucky, thanks to the arrival of two great references like multiplayer Halo Infinite e Battlefield 2042, the latest title in the war saga developed by DICE.

The arrival of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta has been an earthquake among users, especially as the title comes in a free format that has made even those who weren’t fans of the franchise before deciding to give the game a try. Among other things, this caused Halo Infinite Triples Battlefield 2042 in Players currently on the rise.

As user @BenjiSales shared on Twitter, we can see how Halo Infinite triples Battlefield 2042 in players on Steam, with 169,816 players in multiplayer for Master Chief, while DICE’s war shooter has 58,248 players.

As we’ve already mentioned, the fact that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free is an element that undoubtedly played in its favor. However, it is also important to note that Battlefield 2042 has not yet hit the market in the desired state, with a series of problems that caused many players to leave it aside until there was a patch to fix them.

In any case, there is no doubt that the multiplayer of Halo Infinite is working fantastically, which is great news for Microsoft and 343 Industries.