Halo Infinite: Here you can find the download for the new multiplayer beta

Want to download Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tech Test – the “beta”? Then you can download it here! Do you know that the Windows Club will give you all the details possible for you to enjoy this moment. Who doesn’t want to play the most controversial game of the year? It is he who is in the mouth of the people.

Are you a Halo Insider and invited to the multiplayer technology test? So you can experience Halo Infinite in multiplayer this weekend and next. The Halo Insider download is available at this link.

Last minute change!

During an “early preview” of the second Halo Infinite multiplayer preview today, 343 Community Director Brian Jarrard made a small “breaking news” announcement about some possible schedule changes for the next test.

Looks like the team discovered some “Last minute problems” before submitting the live compilation:

“Today I want to be very transparent, saying that we are excited for this next preview – you know the selection emails have already been sent. Our hope is that this flight starts very, very soon, officially construction should go tomorrow – that may or may not happen.

We’ll potentially see a time shift here, we’re not sure – when it’s done, we’ll be ready, but we want to be very transparent with you, we appreciate all the internal support we see out there, but we can have a little change in our schedule and if we have , we should get more clarity about this at some point in the very near future. So we ask that you keep an eye out for Halo Waypoint, keep an eye out for Halo Social on Twitter in particular – we’ll provide those updates.

For now, the teams are working really, really hard, we’re still making progress, but we’re in a bit of a hold pattern due to some last minute issues we’ve encountered throughout the release process, so there’s a chance there will be a change in the schedule. “

As noted, updates will be shared on Halo Waypoint and social channels when “the call” is placed:

The next multiplayer preview is scheduled to take place during specific times between September 23rd and 26th and September 30th to October 3rd. So stay tuned that the game looks pretty good.