Halo Infinite: How to get the “Halo Championship Series Package” for free

I know your life must be hectic with so many titles coming this end of the year, but take a moment to find out how you can get it for free the Halo Championship Bundle for the popular multiplayer mode Halo Infinite.

For Halo Infinite, you can purchase a Halo Championship Series pack for free from the in-game store. This tip or trick is very simple and easy to follow, there is no mistake. The package includes armor skins in HCS colors for the Mark VII, Mark V (B) and Yoroi armor cores.

Without further ado, how to get the Halo Championship Series package:

  1. From the main menu, use the RB button to move to the Store tab, which is located on the top right navigation. Then navigate to the lower left corner of the “Visit Halo Championship Series Shop” block under “HCS Offers”.
  2. Next, you should see the block with “HCS Release Gift” in the lower left corner of the listed items, which costs 0 credits.
  3. Now press A to inspect or X to buy it for 0 credits.

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