Halo Infinite: How to reduce campaign download time

Finally, after years of waiting there are now only a few minutes left for you to play the Master Chief’s great new adventure, Halo Infinite. However, we have an interesting warning here, you can reduce download time Halo Infinite campaign in advance.

We informed you earlier this morning that you not you can pre-download the Halo Infinite campaign. Therefore, you can only download the game campaign from 3pm Brazilian time, and switching to the New Zealand region does not work to anticipate this as the time is global and not regional.

But you can shorten download time of the campaign because: if you have already downloaded the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, the download size will be reduced from 3pm as revealed by Halo Support.

If you haven’t downloaded Halo Infinite files yet:

  • Multiplayer installation: approximately 26.53 GB
  • Installation of multiplayer and campaign: approximately 48,42 GB

If you’ve already downloaded Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta:

  • Multiplayer Update: approximately 3.97 GB
  • Campaign installation: additional download of approximately 25.86 GB
  • Total size of both downloads: approximately 29,83 GB

So make the most of your time and download Halo Infinite Multiplayer from the Microsoft Store. That way, you’ll get ahead of the game while you won’t have the nearly 50GB total.