Halo Infinite: Illustrations Show Possible Cut Content, Possibly in Sanghelios

Halo Infinite required a very long work, during which maybe some parts were removed and between these there could be different locations, as well as emerged from various images and illustrations that emerged from the development period, including artwork and concept art such as these that seem inspired by Sanghelios.

On the other hand, the story told by Jason Schreier interviewing various developers at 343 Industries, about how he went from disaster to winner thanks to the general reorganization carried out during development, brought to light the fact that about “two thirds of the game” has been removed than was originally programmed.

All this always made us think about the possibility of different environments and biomes which could then be inserted, like exploitable pieces of Zeta Halo, through any expansions, but this is a solution that has pretty much never been seen in previous Halo, never having story DLC, so everything remains a big question.

The sketches that emerged in those hours for Josh Kao, an illustrator who worked with 343 Industries on Halo Infinite, continue along these lines by showing some situations that are not present in the game.

In particular, these seem to refer to Sanghelios, a predominantly desert and rocky planet from which the Sangheili race, or the Elite, come from. Considering that Halo Infinite was presented from the start as an open world game set in Zeta Halo it is unlikely that even during the processing phase the idea of ​​making Sanghelios exploitable was ever considered, but it could have shown up in cutscenes. or other storytelling solutions.

Or, simply, the sketches in question serve above all to better fix a style, atmosphere and some characteristics of the general lore of Halo Infinite, regardless of their actual connection to parts of the game.

Anyway, they are really very beautiful and evocative illustrations, which show once again how the Halo universe is full of different and very suggestive inspirations.