Halo Infinite is already successful and beats New World on Steam among the most played titles

There was a collective outbreak here, and if you thought Forza Horizon 5 was a mind-blowing success, it’s because you didn’t see Halo in action. Without marketing and in a few hours, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta rose in the ranking of the most played titles on Steam, reaching the third position, until then occupied by the MMORPG New World.

A few hours ago Halo Infinite beta multiplayer was already over 250,000 simultaneous players, but 343 Industries’ title success really seems unstoppable, at least at this early stage. Crashing New World is no easy feat, but Halo made it effortless. It’s quite shocking.

Above Halo Infinite there are only Steam’s two sacred monsters, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which are hard to reach. Underneath, however, there are some sacred monsters, like the aforementioned New World, Team Fortress 2, Apex Legends and Rust.

Note that the current level of Halo Infinite players is at its peak, so we are inevitably in a growth phase. Probably in a few hours it will reach 200,000 simultaneous players (it will certainly have surpassed them, considering the Game Pass subscribers). We’ll see.