Halo Infinite: Khaby Lame in commercial recommends Xbox Series S alongside Master Chief

Halo Infinite gets a new commercial and, as you can see in the video below, still presented by none other than one of the biggest influencers of Tiktok Khaby Lame, at the center of a new promotional campaign dedicated specifically to the Xbox Series S.

After the spot at Fortnite, the famous tiktoker is back in action to show the simplest way to use an “armor”. This one also follows the typical format of the videos that made him famous around the world, to become the second most followed tiktoker: after a video that shows a tragic attempt to wear armor and play as if Spartan were, followed by the usual emotion look from Khaby Lame, the last one shows how simple it is to use Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series S instead.

“Xbox Series S is simply Next Gen” is the new slogan coined for the occasion, which takes up the philosophy of the Tiktoker in question, which became famous with the video offering much simpler solutions to the complicated “hack life” found often seen in social networks.

For the occasion, we want to remind you that Halo Infinite will be available in a few hours, at 3pm in Brazil. That way, do it like Lame and don’t complicate it, just play!