Halo Infinite: Know when the embargo on game reviews and notes will be broken

When will Halo Infinite reviews or reviews come? What will be the verdict of the specialized media and its controversial notes? The breaking of the Xbox exclusive embargo developed by 343 Industries was revealed with the date and time: we will be able to read the analyzes from the 5:00 am on December 6th.

We know that some physical copies of Halo Infinite are already in users’ hands and therefore there is a real risk of running into unwanted spoilers before the game’s official release, slated for December 8 in stores and on the Xbox Game Pass. However, we believe that the game is blocked for this not to happen.

Previous reviews were very positive by the media that I was able to play the first four missions of the game, in a total of approximately four hours. Multiplayer was also blockbuster and critically successful, with the Battle Pass being the downside, but that has already started to get fixed as of today.

The meeting with the Halo Infinite reviews is, therefore, set for December 6th at 5:00 am: at that time we will finally have the eventual confirmation of the work carried out by 343 Industries and the improvements made to the experience over the past year.

On December 8th it will be the players’ turn to give their verdict on this new Master Chief adventure, it’s very close, hold your anxiety.