Halo Infinite: Master Chief oversees São Paulo in Brazil on mural

Brazil woke up more protected as the Master Chief himself now watches over São Paulo in a huge Halo Infinite mural. In the past, we’ve seen beautiful murals for some games you just can’t ignore, even from a great distance, and now it’s the turn of one of the most powerful franchises on Xbox.

Thus, a large mural of Halo Infinite is in Santo André, São Paulo. The Master Chief climbs meters high in a painting by artist Marcelo Eco on a building wall and promotes Halo Infinite, the latest game in the shooting saga.

Below, you can check out the beautiful work:

Microsoft sent us an email explaining the painting:

To celebrate the arrival of the new year and the release of the Master Chief’s latest great adventure in Halo Infinite, the artist Marcelo Eco made a graffiti mural in a building in the central region of Santo André, a city in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The drawing is a artist’s retelling on the cover of Halo Infinite, which was released on December 8 for Xbox consoles, Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers, Steam and Cloud Gaming (Beta).

Halo Infinite invites all fans to step into the armor of humanity’s greatest hero, the Master Chief, and confront the most relentless enemies he has ever faced to protect humanity at all costs. Halo Infinite is the largest and widest Halo experience ever, the first game in the franchise to be an open map experience.

In addition to Campaign mode, all fans can now download Free Multiplayer and play with friends. Multiplayer is perfect for new players as it features tunable bots and training to make everyone comfortable with the experience.

What did you think of this painting? And the marketing of Halo Inifnite in São Paulo? Leave your opinions.