Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gets Update for Fast XP Progression

We heard again yesterday that 343 was well aware of the concerns around progression in Halo Infinite, and it looks like the developer will be releasing a small but significant update very soon. This change should appear later today or in sometime tomorrow, depending on your time zone.

343 Community Manager John Junyszek has posted a series of tweets describing what to expect from this upcoming update. Here it is in full:

“When we made our initial progression change, which added Daily Challenges, updated the Weekly Challenges and doubled the duration of 2XP Boosts, we promised to monitor the data and make additional changes if necessary. Now, it’s time to follow up on this.

After seeing how XP was gained from these changes, we realized that players were starting their sessions with slower payouts than we’d like. To solve this, we will increase the XP payout for the first 6 matches of each day. An outline of this update can be found below:

1st game = 300 exp
2nd game = 200 exp
3rd game = 200 exp
4th game = 100 experience
5th game = 100 experience
6th game = 100 experience
7th + game = 50 experience

We believe this increase will help handle the slower initial XP receipts, while benefiting those of you who increase each day.

We know that many of you want even bigger changes and we are committed to doing so, but it will take time. We’ve made this update based on player data and feedback and will monitor its impact after posting it tomorrow morning. As always, keep sharing your comments! “

As observed not final, “Bigger changes” are still on the way, but it will take some time. 343’s Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard made similar comments about long-term changes last week.

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