Halo Infinite multiplayer is already considered the biggest free game on Xbox

We’re almost through 2021, but before that we’ll see how Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios bid farewell to the year in style with intergenerational titles with technologies that will breathtaking even the most demanding, with Halo Infinite the final climax being in December.

Since the last day 15 we are already enjoying free multiplayer to play this title, which became one of the biggest hits of this year, reaching truly incredible numbers of players in a short time since its release.

Now that people are wasting hours, we can more easily await the arrival of the campaign, which is already less than two weeks away from launch on different platforms and, according to the first impressions of many people, this one is the best Halo in a long time.

And, certainly, the Halo Infinito campaign will be a success for how much its multiplayer has been, which has turned into the biggest free game we can find on Xbox, beating other big names like Call of Duty Warzone Where Fortnite in the United States and Brazil, demonstrating the franchise’s potential and how far it can continue to go today.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is here and the campaign is only a few days away, which is sure to further enhance the success of this new title in the Xbox star saga. Excellent result, especially in Brazil, which here did not have such a strong Halo culture.